Free Weights



Getting in shape can be easy when the right equipment is available. Working out is a one-size-fits-all solution to finding a healthier mind and body. Using free weights, also called dumbbells, can be a great way to get in a workout right from home. The problem with buying free weights, however, is that there are many different products available. In order to find the best free weights that the internet has to offer, keep on reading. Found below are three premier retailers of quality free weights and weight lifting equipment.

Shopping for gym equipment can be easy when Rogue Fitness is involved. Rogue Fitness is a premier retailer of quality gym equipment. Rogue Fitness has everything from benches and squat racks to a full set of free weights. Customers should pay special attention to the Rogue Dumbbell Set that is currently on sale for $660. This dumbbell set features pairs of dumbbells from 5lbs to 50lbs in five-pound increments for a total of 550lbs. This is the perfect free weights set for someone looking to kickstart a gym or their own home workout facility. This dumbbell set features rubber heads and chrome plated handles which gives the dumbbells longevity and comfort for the people using the weights.

While Rogue Fitness is a great online retailer for fitness supplies, they aren’t the only company in town. Dick’s Sporting Goods provides pretty much everything a gym-rat could want for their workout paradise.  At Dick’s Sporting Goods, there is a whole world of free weights available for sale. For the sake of keeping things simple, fitness fanatics should consider ordering the Fitness Gear Rubber Hex 5 - 25 Dumbbell Set. This dumbbell set features five pairs of dumbbells ranging from 5 to 25lbs, jumping in five-pound increments. These dumbbells have a comfort grip with durable rubber heads. This is the perfect starter set up for someone looking to establish their own gym at home. Dick’s Sporting Goods is currently offering free shipping on orders over $49 as well as free in-store pickup with an online purchase.

The two platforms above are focused directly on the fitness industry, but there are other options shoppers can find by thinking outside of the box. Shopping at Wayfair can be the perfect way to complement a burgeoning home gym. Wayfair carries thousands of products in a wide variety of different industries. As far as free weights are concerned, Wayfair has something that every shopper is going to need: a dumbbell rack. Wayfair’s Dumbbell Rack is only $316.99 and it is the perfect size to hold an entire load of dumbbells. This dumbbell rack is welded and reinforced for heavy-duty use and supreme durability. The rubber shelves of the free weight rack provide grip for the free weights that are going to be rested on the surface. When fully assembled, this free weight rack weighs in at 60lbs.