Top Three Business Degree Schools Online



A business degree is very marketable and rewarding. Whether you are looking to achieve big dreams like starting your own company or launching your own products and services to the international markets, a business degree is a necessary piece of the puzzle. Even if you want to achieve your short-term goals at your workplace, like helping your company formulate innovative ideas that inspire growth, there are many skills you can acquire from a business degree course. Business degree schools online provide the skills that individuals need to conquer the tasks and challenges business owners face. Modern technology has made it possible for you to realize your dreams by learning online. You can still go to work, run your day-to-day activities, and attend classes at the same time. Plus, an online course will save you money. Some of the top three business degree schools online that you can choose from are Pennsylvania State University, Kaplan University, and Northeastern University. Read on for more information about these top-rated business degree schools and whether this field is right for you.

A career in business can be very beneficial in many ways. First, there is a wide range of career paths you can take. Depending on what you want to specialize in, you can go with entrepreneurship, marketing, economics, accounting, business administration, business management, finance, and more. You have an opportunity to work with any products and services at any stage of development – there is always a need for business specialists in every institution. Secondly, you can earn a lucrative salary from a business career. As reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary data, as of 2016 May, an accountant/auditor earns up to $68,150 a year, a budget analyst gets $73,840 annually, while a market research analyst gets $62,560 annually. Last but not least, a business degree helps you gain transferable skills. During your coursework, you gain knowledge of business operations like how organizations work, decision making, critical thinking, marketing, customer relations, numeracy & interpretation of financial data, economics, and much more. These skills can eventually help you realize your huge dreams like starting your own business and running it successfully.

Pennsylvania State University has an online education division in Penn State World Campus that offers online business degrees. Their online program is designed to allow you learn at your own pace and convenience. Their online business degree coursework covers economics, finance, organizational leadership, entrepreneurship, business, energy business & finance, supply chains, information systems, and much more. Admissions requirements include a 2.0 high school GPA as well as SAT or ACT scores. Their online program allows you to learn from the same faculty that lectures on campus without the need to attend classes.

Kaplan University offers the broadest online business degree programs. Their coursework covers marketing, organizational behavior, accounting, financial management, introduction to management, and much more. The program strives to prepare graduates to step into management level jobs. Their students also get specialized knowledge and skills that allow them to personalize their education in regards to their career path. The university also offers special programs to veterans and active duty military members together with their families. Former students from the university’s online program have responded that the program met their academic requirements together with their career goals.

Northeastern University offers fast-track online business degree program that focuses on operational processes, management functions, and skills. It’s among the best schools in the country that offers the best distance learning programs. Some of the courses featured in the program are marketing, international business, information systems, project management, business law, and much more. The online program allows students to develop necessary skills needed to achieve career goals by integrating class work together with professional experience. Admissions requirements include high school transcripts and SAT/ACT scores. International students must produce their TOEFL scores while transfer students must produce academic transcripts from their previous institutions.