Truck Light Bars



Trucks are practical vehicles but they’re also a ton of fun too. Whether off-roading, mudding, or heading towards that secret fishing hole, factory truck lights can only do so much. By installing a truck light bar, visibility is increased massively. In addition, they also look sleek and cool. And that’s what owning a truck is all about - practicability and looking awesome. Not all truck light bars, however, get the job done. Prices on these slick accessories can range anywhere from $40 to over $1000. The market is flooded with various bars, making it difficult to know which one is right for your truck. Of the current light bars available, four stand out above the rest. Each one offers a unique style while also serving its purpose.

Priced reasonably and providing several features is the Nilight LED light bar. With floodlights on the end and spot in the middle, visibility isn’t an issue. The bar also comes with adjustable mounts, tilting up or down. Starting at only $27 for a 126w 20-inch spot flood combo, it’s durable and waterproof. Adding extra rows of lights, length, or watts can range in price from $40 to $80. Another brand worth trusting is an Xprite LED truck light bar. Priced a little higher than the Nilight, it boasts up to 30,000 hours of life for its bulbs. If looking for style, the Xprite 20-inch Aquatic Series features a blue backlight and is priced at around $160. Or there’s the option of the Xprite RZ Series strobe light, starting at around $139.

Perhaps a standard truck light bar won’t get the job done. If so, then the AUTOSAVER88 curved spot flood combo beam might hit the spot. It comes with a mounting and wiring set, is a breeze to install, and has a two-year warranty. Prices are also reasonable, starting at $80. They also offer straight bars ranging from $20 to $60. Curved truck light bars have an advantage over straight bars, dispersing light over a wider range while still having the same amount of power. These bars also have an advantage when it comes to mounting. The AUTOSAVER fits the curves naturally on your truck, creating a sleeker look. They do feature a spot flood combo and project light further than standard straight bars.

Lastly, in combining work with play is the Auxbeam 300 LED 5D RGB off-road color changing bar. This unique truck light bar prevents moisture from getting in the unit while brightening any surrounding area in a variety of colors of your choosing. The strobe and RGB settings are controlled through Bluetooth, working with Android and iPhone. The Auxbeam with 15 colors is $205 but there are options starting as low as $120. These light bars have up to 50,000 hours of life, are waterproof, and can handle just about any type of environment. Auxbeam is priced slightly higher than the others but is known for their heavy-duty setup, giving them the most durability. Plus, being able to sync music to the strobe lights creates an atmosphere few will ever forget.

LED bar lights are easy to install, last longer, and provide your vehicle with a sleeker look. Increase visibility and stand out from the crowd with one of these truck light bars.